Mission Statement

Our mission is to save, protect and serve the citizens of Chandler and the surrounding area to the best of our ability. Through training, building inspections and code enforcement, we can strive to make Chandler a cleaner and safer community along with providing public education in fire safety to the citizens

The Oklahoma Chandler Fire Department is a combination Fire/EMS service. We currently have 9 full-time and 22 volunteer personnel. Chandler Fire & EMS covers more than 200 square miles in both city and rural areas. The Department has two stations. The main station which is located at 220 S. Cleveland and a substation located at the Chandler Airport which was built in 2002. Chandler Fire has 3 Engines, 3 Ambulances, 1 Ladder truck, 4 Brush pumpers, 2 Tankers and our newest truck a 2007 F-550 Rescue truck.             

Chandler Fire is always growing and believes heavily in training to provide the City of Chandler and surrounding communities with the highest level of fire and EMS service possible.